Happy Halloween!


Last day of October! Salary is in the account, I feel rich and super happy! And I am talking in my head whilst typing, trying to write something awesome about this 31st that is loved worldwide!
I can’t help but think of the Wizard of Oz, The Wicked Witch of the West was one mean lady! 😛

Carving a pumpkin, having a scary costume party or perhaps just going trick-or-treating, how I wish to do all this but all my friends are out on this weekend, and of course I am working, so no huge plans!
And why celebrate Halloween with make-up and ghost stories when the biggest horrors of adult-hood come in the form of bills! 😛

But I do have plans with myself tonight, after I am done with my work, I shall watch a nice classic movie! Perhaps a horror, to seal the deal with this amazing time of the year!

Or I could watch Psycho, the Alfred Hitchcock version. Big fan! 😀

Which brings me to my next random thought of the blog… 😛

Sometimes, I write poetry on cue. I am often given words and with some imagination, a piece of poetry is formed.
And right now, I am thinking about this really unusual word I was given once. “Psycho”

The idea was to present a huge challenge.
Huge yes, I must admit, it was also a very enjoyable one.
I managed to experiment with what I write.


There are screams inside me
As sharp as knives and bullets
Uncontrollable shrieking
Inside, I am bruised, covered in cuts

A psycho lives in my eyes
As I murder you thrice, calmly
I smile, hide, don’t speak much
As I slash your throat, slowly

In my head, you are tortured to death
My hands are glistening with your blood
I watch your eyes widen in shock
As I push a blunt knife into your guts

A psycho, they say, but I find peace
In peeling the skin off your bones
‘Psycho’, they call me, ‘take her away’
But they stop hearing my soothing tone

I kill what you live in, a vessel only
I hurt not what is inside, your soul
I torture, I dream, ‘nightmares’ they say
But unlike you, I am not cold

You hand me an insult, you live with me
You entered my mind long ago
I wasn’t a psycho on my own
You made me this, you made me so

~ Boo

P.S.: This picture is weirdest occasion-appropriate piece of self-owned art I could find! 😀


The Moon Diaries

From the extensive reading online, I have learnt that if you want to make something seem cool and awesome just hashtag “diaries” with it 😛

Just did the same myself. But to bring out the wonderful occasion that is today! Karwa-chauth!

How beautiful the world was today, with women dressed up. For their husbands, yes, obviously, but the more important reason, to compete with each other. Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all!! 😀

All of you are ladies, every single one of you! 🙂

Coming back to the moon, the beauty of tradition, of love, is immense in our culture. Any festival that is celebrated in our country, I look beyond religion and become a part of it. How lucky are we, to live among people who can teach us that a different life can exist, and does exist.

And here we are, fighting over the pieces of land, beliefs, the moon and some words.

With every moon that we see, let’s hope to respect differences a little more…

Let’s learn to see our Creator in one another

~ To better times ~

I sit before the holy pyre
And wonder if you can listen to me
I listen to the cackling symphony
And inside, I scream like a banshee

I am praying, trying to talk
I am saying words I don’t grasp
I am wondering how to knock at
The door I have ignored in the past

The peace I look for should be inside
Are you there?
The answers I seek after all the lies
Can I ask you to be fair?

Everything went wrong
They said I should come to you
And I am sitting here
Wondering what to do

I haven’t tried talking to you
Ever before so keenly
And I haven’t felt so alone
Ever so despairingly

You’ve the magic to put things right
I have heard you do
Come out of the small box you’re in
And prove it to be true

I am not a very big believer
Nor have I ever ruled you out
I thanked you, with every chance I got
And all the same, I nursed a doubt

Can you listen to me as I pray?
And are you really in everything I see?
I had looked for you, once before
And not around, I found you right inside me.

~ What a wonderful world

To the God there is

An act to honor the god stays close to my heart, and my ways of doing it are very different.
I don’t go to religious places to ask for things or just pray, I don’t argue that my god is the best, the truest or the mightiest.

My way of worshiping the unseen is a constant effort. Let me try and explain how I look at it.

He or She made me, gave me a life, a chance to make mistakes and learn from them, a chance or perhaps chances to fall in love 😛
Gave me a chance at life, basically. Any moment can be my last, and he gave me a chance at living life to the fullest.
So when I worship him, I worship him by being the best version of myself. Of what He made. Created. Conjured.

I don’t love my god less, or your god more. I simply don’t believe in mine or yours. I find beauty in all that we do to honor God. The music, dances, rituals. I believe in respecting all there is to do with the Supreme, Done by the meek.

The Heaven is a great place, we all know. God knows how much we need to make Earth the same. One person at a time.

Tere rubaroo khada hu mai aaj
Maangi hui ichchayein bhulata hua
Teri nazaron me dekhne ki chah rakhi thi
Aur aaj khada hu yahaan, sarr jhukaya hua
Tu haath pakad ke chalata raha
Harr andheri gali me mujhko bachaaya
Aur mai poori zindagi chillata raha
Ki tune mujhe zindagi me sabb na dikhaya
Teri uss chuppi ka sannata
Aaj iss mehfil me hai
Mai khada hu tere rubaroo
Koi shikayat na mere dil me hai
Zindagi ko sher ki tarah jiya hu
Teri di hui harr cheez ko apna banaya
Aaj aaya hu tere dar par
Jab mai dharti me naa samaa paya
Le chal tu apne saath ae khuda
Aaj tu suna de aakhiri saza mujhe
Poori zindagi tere kahe pe jiya hu mai
Aaj maar bhi de, apne kahe pe

~As the intelligent beings we think we are, we are also highly ignorant

All Shades of Happy

A new day! I am a grumpy morning person at times, and a so-happy-that-you-would-wanna-kill-me sorta person at other times.

Today, I am the latter. And the reason is this weather! Oh the winds, I can smell the festive season, it is right around the corner. You know, I always thought I was the only one who could “smell” the change, but apparently, there are more like me. I confirmed. *grins*

I shall also start posting pictures, though as I am typing this, I am scratching my head trying to figure out how to do that.

I am a pink person, shocking, pale, magenta, this that. Loads and loads of shades. The love for colors, and specially for pink, is deeply rooted.

And, I am NOT a black lover. Cue – *gasp*

A happy day today, all dressed up in pink! I could use some cotton candy, and perhaps a day out. But well, office-office.

The mandatory poetry… ❤

I can describe the brightest days
And the create the darkest nights
I can produce the fields of flowers
And construct the fiercest fights

But my words are just tricks
I pull out to play make-believe
Breathe in the magical zephyr
That’s real poetry indeed!!

~Happiness is right around the corner

P.S.: I tied my hair before boarding the train 😀 😛

Hello Hello!

Being technologically backward has been a great challenge, especially since everything is online now.

And here I am, finally, posting stuff, I pressed the right buttons! Yay!

An office girl, yes, that’s me. I work, and work a lot. and enjoy every single minute of it. And here, I shall record every incident that makes my day ordinary or sometimes extraordinary.

Let me recount a series of incidents of my train commute.

A stuffed metro coach, and wonderful Delhi-walahs make me look forward to my morning trip to office. *sarcasm*

And I enjoy it so much more when I get to sweat because of hair that isn’t even mine. Or perhaps the heavy bags that are not on my shoulders. *bellowing sarcasm*

Ladies, do us all a favor, tie your hair, please. You are inspiring me to get a pair of scissors and maybe get a chunk off! I dream of it sometimes. *sigh*

And of course, my travel time in the general coaches is all the more enjoyable. With so many hands resting on me, I wonder if i am a girl, or a handle. *saving everyone from falling since 2012*

Ahh well, all the talks aside, it is Delhi after all, I have lived here all my life, and despite everything, Delhi has my heart and soul. A friend from Bangalore, once came to Delhi, and requested me for a few lines.

And the poetess awakens!!!

DIlli dil walon ki, dil chura le gayi
Jeene ki masti, hasne ka bahana de gayi
Gaye the mehmaan bann ke, apna bana le gayi
Dilli dil walon ki, dil chura le gayi

Hawaa ki khushbuu mitti ka rang
Logon ki mauj, ghumne ka fun
Bahut kuch kiya hai khudse aake idhar
Aur jo naa kiya, wo dekh ke bhara mann

Dilli dil walon ki, dil chura le gayi
Akele khade the hum, mehfil bana gayi
Kuch sikhaya humne, bahut kuch sikhaa gayi
Dilli dil walon ki, dil chura le gayi