All we want is to be famous

We all nurse desires to be famous in life. Success in not measured by what we do, but by how many people know what we do. It is a surprisingly shallow scale of measurement. Should our satisfaction lie in the eyes of others?

I see girls wanting to be called pretty, and doing anything for that. Men wishing to be called successful and showing off. Everyone is trapped in the labyrinth to such an extent, this stressful chaos is almost routine, a way of life.

Today, let’s try going anonymous for one person. In the spirit of the the holidays, let’s keep our identity a secret.  🙂


{ Poetry }


I did it without a name
And left behind all that I had
I gave them something to live with
And walked away, hoping they were glad

I wasn’t looking to be thanked
And I wasn’t looking to make a name
I wasn’t looking to become someone
Because being no one is an easier game

I have no reasons, for hiding behind the curtains
And with my own wish I stay concealed
There is no motive that I satisfy
Just my identity that I don’t reveal

It’s anonymity, which I yearn for
And I tried to find it in my deeds
So I went out, without a face
And served without any creed

It was liberating, without a name
It was freeing, without a face
I was no-one yet I was every one
And I was bestowed with a grace

We live in a society of rules and definitions
Acting in shades of grey, seeing in white and black
I hate being judged as a bad or a good person
So I go faceless, to I serve the ones who lack


~ If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?



I am surrounded by people from all walks of life, and different age groups. Varying thoughts engulf my conscious and make me think about so many things I have or haven’t experienced first hand.


Say, heartbreaks. How terribly painful and how unimaginably unbearable they can be for some of us. We hope our hearts will be fixed by the ones who broke them in the first place.

Maybe we are romanticizing it too much. Maybe the better story would be healing altogether and moving on. And if your lost love comes back, you could just smile and look away.
Too heartless?
Then maybe just smile at them and let life take its course.  🙂

It is a painful road and a very long one, but a very rewarding one too. You find the right people, the ones who are there for you. You discover yourself. The best test of character after all, is when the person is at the worst.

And of course, the one thing we often forget, pain is on both sides of the deal.
Some people just heal quicker than others.

( Inspired Poetry )

He lived in the black shadows
And wore shades of grey
His talks were colorless, as white
His focus, never did sway

He hated the shades of pink
And loathed the color red
But on her a deep blush
Made him fall for hues, unsaid

He smiles today, alright
And loves the shades of the rainbow
His life changed, he is alive
Because of her beautiful glow

He felt so ecstatic
That it scared him to death
He decided something drastic
And alone she was left

She lives now in black shadows
And wears shades of grey
Her talks are colorless white
Her focus never does sway

She hates the shades of pink
She loathes the color red
But still blushes her deep blush
Every time, in her mind, his memory crept


~ Jab takk toota na tha, koi puchhta na tha, tune iss dil ko todd ke mohabbat ka tukda bana diya

This too shall pass

I have been toying with random thoughts for a while, and so, I am going to try my hand at abstract writing today. You can piece it together, I am only setting the stage. 🙂


The four words that sum up every experience that you have ever had in life, “this too shall pass”
I heard the famous story behind these words as a child, read it many times, but lost the meaning while growing up. Every tumultuous experience felt like forever, and I wished for every happiness to last forever.
I had hoped for memories to come to life again, and I used to cry for things I no longer had.

And then, a memory came back to life. Perhaps the best one. The memory of a story.
I have lost the details of that story I often read, but I remember those words. They are etched in my memory.

“This too shall pass”

This phrase is often linked to the bad times. But that is a limited meaning. Let’s not define.

To define is to limit – Oscar Wilde

I quote him often.  🙂

So in our happy times, let us remember to cherish all that we have, for, this too shall pass. And in those dark terrible times, let us hold on and remember, this too shall pass.


{ Abstract Poetry }

I had a thought
Of your return
I smiled
With the pain

I had a thought
Of an urgency
I smiled
When it came

I had a thought
Of a realization
I smiled
In the rain

I had a thought
Of your smile
I smiled
Of what became

I had a thought
Of your end
I smiled
It has made me insane


~ We all find a different meaning, the point is to survive it

Let Humanity Prevail

Naa kar guroor apne bhagwaan pe itna
Ki uska banaya hua insaan tere paeron talle kuchlaa jaaye

Humans have such desires, of ruling, of being the better ones. Being perfect. At any cost whatsoever.
God knows what makes us think this way.
If there was one thing I could change in this world, it would be how we think.
How we propagate our thoughts better than the others.

An intelligent mind is the one that can entertain a thought without accepting it.
And a human mind is the one that knows how to smile while doing so.



That night the gods decided
Let’s give them what they wish for
For one moment on the earth
Let’s allow dreams and everything more

So the limping guy
Was allowed to walk up straight
The guy who had no eyes
Could see when it was dark and late

The person without love
Was given the gift of a heart
And the one who never worked
Was given some work to start

That day the universe
Was very happy, they said
Everyone got what they wished for
Maybe even more instead!

The gods thought it was amusing
Every dream has a satisfaction
So they let that moment prevail
Let every human find perfection

They healed every broken heart
And taught the fish to fly
They let the cactus grow leaves
And even let the marshes dry

They removed the idea of hatred
And gone were secrets and lies
They gave humans everything
And silenced all their cries

But the word perfection
Oh! It is such a perfect satire
That wretched creature, man
Had more wishes to conspire

He no longer appreciated anything
He no longer lived his life
He thought everything was simple
And slowly, he rotted and died

He no longer worked for anything
And he rarely smiled
His laughter was of hunger
Of an evil lust inside

The wrath of the gods, endless
Their ire knew no bounds
“What creature have we made?
What evil is man deep down?”

Then they took everything
All of it, away from us
And they made us mortal
And that is now our curse

Gods teach us now
Lessons everyday
Gods drag us through life
We have to live, anyway

They took everything
But a thing they gave us the best
They robbed us
Yet made us the richest

“Human, they said
you shall never live it all
and you shall regret
but you’ll rise before you fall”

They gave us our final minute
A chance to close our eyes eternally
They gave us nothing at all
Yet everything momentarily


~ All of us have the same destiny, let’s travel well

Love them, anyway

I haven’t written in quite sometime now. Even though I had the perfect thing to say, just no time.

I have been having thoughtful conversations about love and its various meanings. Humans       *sigh*
All we live for is love and more love. Yet we love so selectively.

After my previous blog posts about unrequited love and broken hearts, a very commonly accepted quote was said, “Love hurts, it is supposed to.”

I beg to differ. Love is pristine, and pristine doesn’t hurt. It makes you smile, it makes you happy. Love isn’t a barter either. No expectations, just love with all your heart, that’s all.

Don’t let it hurt you, let it make you smile, fill you with delight. A world full of love is a happy world, not a painful one, never a painful one.

My goal in life is to spread love, as much as I can. Not expect that it will return to me, but just give it all. I want to dedicate my life to spreading more love.

What a wonderful world it will be.  🙂



{~ POETRY ~}

Just a little time
Just a little love
Just a little attention
Was all what she needed
But what she got
Was nothing she expected
She got impatience
When she asked for time
She got hatred
When she asked for love
She was ignored
When she asked for attention
And then she left
Gone to a faraway place
She left silently
Unnoticed and still unknown
She died
With her last words
Spelling a wish to be loved
But in this world
Still live the people
Who don’t care
Who don’t love
Because they think
That time is too expensive
To be spent on priceless love



~ Jaane tu kya mohabbat, usse puchh jo tolta hai ishq ko, dil ke tukdon me