Are we prepared for the future? Or do we even have a future to be prepared for?

Unpredictability is the only predictable thing of our lives. We plan for an outcome, and something entirely unexpected and unusual comes our way.
Life is like that.
A curve ball here, a strike there, and it is over before we know it.

That’s the scary yet beautiful thing about it all.
But we still plan. Such elaborate details of the future are etched in the castle of our mind.

A castle made out of playing cards.
One gust, and we are left picking up the pieces.


But that’s the best part, we always pick up the pieces and build a castle again. A different one every time.
What are humans without their wish to trap the future, predict the unpredictable and control the consequence.


Let unpredictability break your shell.
Jump into the deep end of the pool.
You will swim.
Survive. Thrive.
We are warriors after all, all of us.


{ ~ Unpredictable Endings ~ }
Veils and drapes
A proper protection
She broke free


~ Comfort zones don’t keep you safe, they trap you in


Who are you?

We often undermine ourselves, our ability and worth. There is an amazing story that is an integral part of story time, the tale of Icarus.

The son who flew too high.

I’ll just give a quick idea to those who haven’t read the story, Icarus and his father made wings out of feathers and wax to fly. And the father, Daedalus, warned Icarus not to fly too high (often a modern day warning, “don’t be overconfident”).

But Icarus did fly too high, the sun melted the wax, and he fell in the sea and died.
I remember reading another side to the same story recently and that made me think, if overconfidence is bad, undermining our worth should be bad too. An extended perspective.

Icarus did fly too high, but ultimately, it was the sea that killed him.

Undermining kills dreams, even people, at times.

Every time I have that nagging voice in my head say, “You probably are not as good as the others are”, I make it a habit to say out loud, “Let me try anyway.”

After all, the rule of this world is that there is always someone who wants to be in your place.
So why not be thankful that you are here already. 🙂


{ Poetry Love }

Don’t look at scars and wish for them
You don’t know the story they come with
Often we like what is on the face
But not what it is like to live it

We often wish our lives away
Hoping to stand in someone else’s shoes
Just because their footsteps sparkle
We are blinded and entirely confused

Maybe someone wishes to be you
And for that, they would do anything
Did you think you’re worth that much?
Or that you even had that zing?

Live your life, this world needs unique
Wishing for the same lives is so monotonous
If all were trees, and no grass nor flowers
Where would this world have gotten us?

~ Never undermine the uniqueness you gift this world in the form of you


“Khauf rakh uss banane wale ka kam se kam
Kafan to daal de uske toote hue khilone par”

We are a generation that documents everything. Our weapons are the camera phones we have and, for them, we have sold all of our dignity.
Yesterday, I saw a video of a man who lost his life in a bike accident. A terrible thing, but the way it was recorded. A proud moment for all those who possessed a camera phone. I could see the pride, in every person’s face.
And the dead did not scare me anymore.

We are a Printing Machine, rightly said in Kalki’s poem, a printing machine churning out news that is cherished by the ones who record it and forgotten by the ones who should be affected.

I am often asked what I am scared of, and today there is a reply.
Humans dammit, I am scared of humans. I am scared of the monsters that walk around me.

(- Monsters -)

As a kid, I made my teddy chase away monsters
They were everywhere, at night, under my bed
Then I grew up, and darkness didn’t scare me
My monsters left the closet, and grabbed me instead

As a child, I felt safe, because light scared them away
They were around, but they couldn’t harm me
Now, they have grown up, stronger than ever before
And they are all around, they don’t let me breathe

My monsters are these men, they don’t stop staring
They are these women, who just won’t stop talking
The monsters smile as I battle them silently
They are like a shadow, constantly stalking

I wish I could ask someone, to fight them off
I hope somebody would switch on the light
My monsters, they stay, but we can never make friends
So everyday, I pick up my sword, and I fight

~ Kya yehi karam leke jayega apne khuda se jannat maangne?


Opinions are considered to be the lowest form of knowledge. They need no explanations, or knowledge to be formed or spread.

“I feel so, I think so….”

As most people know me now, they would have a hard time believing I was once an introvert. I was. I had a hard time talking to people. Even to family. I would talk to the mirror, imagine being good enough someday to talk to people normally, but only imagined that. I would choke up in front of others.

If I sit down today and think why that happened, I would name one reason; Opinions.

“What will they think of me?”

It is a painful life to live, the one in which opinions rule. And I remember half of my life till now as a terrible one. Solely because every word that I uttered came with opinions that it formed in the listener’s mind.

And then, one day, I grew out of it. I grew out of wondering what people thought, and that was the day life became as it is now.

Absolutely Beautiful

-[ Hell Of Opinions ]-

We made the hell, we made the fire
We did every deed that we defined dire

Devils, they say, fear them, yes please
Look in the mirror, tell me what you see

Devils we are, shows in our eyes
Beyond the warm gaze, there is a piercing ice

We gossip merrily, that ringing sound
Look how we are lonely, look all around

That devil we’re scared of, that devil is inside
He lives everyday, and no one can hide

Hell is right here, he is right now
Hell is in his whisper, Hell is in her shout

Hell is in a child’s eyes, when he forms opinions
And hell is in his acceptance, his baseless decisions

Hell can be inside you, hell can be inside me
So let’s hold it in, because we can never flee.


~ To hell with them and their opinions

Travel Bug

Posting after a long time because I have been unwell. Though that shouldn’t stop me from writing, but well, work is there too. Girl’s gotta eat! 😛

When I fall ill, it is at these times I think about my travel experiences. The beauty that the world is, and how terrible it is to be stuck in a bedroom. And a discussion with a friend made me describe my favorite travel destination.

Deserts speak to me, the hot sands and the cool moon. Deserts speak to me in the language of the soul. When the sand buries the roads and when it buries me, I feel I am one with the dust that I am made of. People always want to see mountains, rivers, the beautiful scenery that we often paint, the way the flowers bloom and the sun rises beautifully amidst the peaks covered in ice. But I want to see the cracked ground. I want to see the dry sands and a sole cactus fight its way into life, like a warrior.
A fighter spirit, just like us humans. We go through so much in our lives and we keep fighting.
No, I am not saying that our surrounding life is just like a desert, but we are fighters. We go through heartbreaks, teenage, nights alone, sickness, work, routine and we make it to the other side. We find a way and see the new day.
Deserts speak to me of a life that really exists, and not the one we dream of. When I sit in the sand and watch the sun burn, I realize that’s what I want to be. If I want to shine like that, I need to burn like that. When I see a scorpion, I realize that stinging is necessary to survive too, at times. If I plan on surviving, then I might need to spit poison too.

Tonight, I am going to sit alone on this sand and watch the desert moon smile at me.
And maybe, just maybe, things will be more meaningful when beauty is found in places it is the hardest to find. Like deserts, and staying alone.

Because no matter what we poets tell you my love, loneliness is not a sad word.

{ Haiku }

The long road
Blurring rear view
She smiled

~ Travel to live a million lives in one