Travelling is the new fad I read about. Packing up your bags and leaving. Uprooting everything and finding shelter in the unknown, and then moving again.
Sounds exciting. New. Adventurous. It would be an amazing thing, seeing the world, not belonging to a single place.

What if I throw another idea at you? A wilder one. Stay. 🙂

Stay in one place. Don’t leave. Breathe the same air, as a habit. Make a home. Have roots. Why the blowing wind is a welcome change, but it is a fixed tree that sustains life.


I read so many quotes about leaving, and I spent quite a lion’s share of my life imagining the same. My luggage tag says “Escape”.
But maybe the real magic lies in the ordinary. You could always find beauty in a new road, but imagine how beautiful your eyes must be to feel enchanted by an everyday route.

[- Imagery -]

He looks at her
As she walks towards him
He encounters inside
A deafening scream
He drowns it in the beauty
And smiles nonetheless

She looks at him waiting
Hand extended out for her
She peeks inside
An arduous struggle
She conceals it under his gaze
And smiles nonetheless

They stand together
Feeling strange
Looking for familiarity
They look inside
It’s something unknown
They hold on nonetheless

He looks at her
She looks at him
He smothers his scream
She destroys her struggle
They want to disappear
But they stay, nonetheless


~ Stay. Make it the new fad.



A friend asked me to write about woman empowerment. And I wondered why empower? Why compete? A woman is a woman, a strength unexplained. A man is a man, no comparison required.
But there are issues. Big major issues. And a huge problem arises when women themselves forget their worth. When they evaluate themselves in the eyes that shouldn’t matter.

Remember your strength lady. Empower yourself, and the world will follow. 🙂

{~ Powerful Poetry ~}

I am a woman, I can fly
I can do a lot to get by

As much as you try to hold me down
Muddy me and pull off my crown

But I will rise, I will fly
I will do a lot to get by

A goddess resides in me
In every form that you see

A strength that helps me fly
That helps me get by

I can change all your beliefs
I can be a touch of relief

I love, and that allows me to fly
That makes me get by

I am a woman, crushed and hurt
Sometimes left behind in the dirt

But I have wings, I can fly
I can even help you get by

I am a woman, God’s own
And I never left alone

So watch me soar, watch me fly
Watch me triumph as I get by

~ Inner Peace. Inner Strength. Empowerment.

Time in a Bottle

“If I could save time in a bottle…”

Jim Croce sang an amazing song that captures every emotion that we feel now and then. Ideas stay in my head, unable to find their way to my blog. Plans are made, filed and forgotten, often.
There is so much happening all the time, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and before we know it, we would be a machines working the routine of a job and trying to smuggle some life into an existence.

But if we stop thinking a lot, life can be easy, with a smile on our face and a ringing laughter in our ears. All our lives are easy if we make them to be so. If we live them, instead of planning of how to live. A small yet very hard choice to make.
The day I sit and plan the future, I become a miserable soul.
The day I forget it all and just live, I redefine happiness.

I don’t have a clock in my room, because if I look at the time too much, I’ll count the numbers and never live the moments.


[ Live ]

A constant ticking
The unwelcome routine
Maybe Tuesdays can be lived

They ran out of time
Yet made memories
TIck-tock… Silence


~ Stop counting, stop waiting