The Vast Ocean

My last holiday was a beach one. I had never seen the ocean and it only made sense to forcefully drag all my friends to one. 😛
Planned, packed and reached. And that evening was the first time I saw the ocean.
No, okay, let me not rush into it.
The first time I heard the ocean, it was inexplicably soothing yet exciting. I was already walking on sand amidst some really nice trees on either side so I knew I was close. I just removed my slippers and started running. Towards the sound. The music. The unknown freedom. The flowing poetry.

There is so much beauty in this world, it is sad to see how engrossed we are in trivial things.

Anyway, so at dusk, in very little light I mean, I saw the ocean. It roared, the way I have often hoped to speak my mind. It moved, so gracefully, so fearlessly. And I started walking towards it. My very concerned friends stuck around, hoping not to lose me in my thoughts or to the ocean.

And then we were given company by a huge dog. He nudged his cold wet nose against my hand.
It was the most honest moment I have ever been in, surrounded by strangers, in sudden strangeness (Pablo Neruda)

{Poetic Memory}

The ocean was me, I was the ocean
A raging uncertainty, amidst the calm
Everything was unusually familiar
Yet something altogether unknown

The waves touch my feet, the land slipped
And all I did was stare into the infinite
How I missed the reality of my soul
Of the depths that were already inside

The world was upside down
And I came down on my knees
I cried without tears, not a sound
Understanding that soft breeze

Spoke the ocean, in syllables soft and clear
“My vastness is feared by most, but a few
Come to me and find something else
something old, something they knew

Look at yourself, on your knees
I hope you find your way back
Because as beautiful as depth is
All my thoughts are in shades of black”


~ Everything comes at a price