Forgotten Memories

The easiest thing to do in life is to forget. Erase proof that it ever existed. Once I read an article that stated in clear terms the power our mind has. We can lie to it and make it believe in something that never existed. Or the exact opposite.

I look at people around, posting quotes of friends turning into strangers. And tonight I am wondering, is it that bad? Is it that bad to lose people who probably do not care enough? I rather doubt it.

As long as you have one person to celebrate your happiest moment with, to cry your biggest sorrow in front of, and to admit to all your fears without hesitation, you’re okay.
Screw the friends to strangers concept, they were never friends in the first place!

You’re okay on your own too!


— Poetry —

A big party with loud music
Often witnesses lost minds
Dry tears, forgotten memories
True love completely maligned

Life tears us down, one by one
But a few pass the test of times
Some cry through their ordeals
Some accept, and never whine

I like my friends to stay a few
Step away when equations change
Accept what happens, honestly
And never find anything strange



~ Chameleons change color in the face of trouble but humans show their true colors