Black Magic

Yun banaya kuch bhagwaan ne iss insaan ko
Ki nafrat ka jaadu ho jata hai iski mitti par
Andar taak ke dekh nahi paata, mamuli jo hai
Bhula deta hai, ki pyaar pe nahi hota jaadu ka asar

Khoob cheekhta hai, chillata hai bina soche samjhe
Daraata hai, dhamkata hai, pyaar me jeher gholta hai
Kabb takk khud se dur bhagega, kabb takk khoya rahega tu
Ek na ek din, khuda harr kisi ki aankhein kholta hai

I have grown up reading Harry Potter, wishing on glitter thinking it to be Fairy Dust and have believed in the power of an aura. I have believed in the good of magic, so naturally, I started believing in the bad kind too.

Growing up with incurable ailments gave me unwanted attention, and different doubts about black magic brought forth by a variety of relatives coming from different walks of life. Maybe this, perhaps that. I was even tied down with it, for a couple of days too, I can say.

Anyhow, I have somehow started believing in this one particular thing. Consent. Magic, evil aura, bad things, they do not affect you unless you let them in.

So that evil person around you, that friend who constantly pulls you down, that mentor who never appreciates, or that boss who just can’t be happy, say NO.

Just don’t let it in anymore.

Magic or no magic, happiness is yours if you want it to be. And it will go away too, if you let it.

~ Spells break when those magical eyes blink