The life that goes on around us and the life that we live in our heads run parallel to each other. But they are quite different. Sometimes, quite the opposite of each other.

People expect certain things from us which we do not want to deliver. And in many other cases, we do some things unexpectedly.

If given a chance to disappoint everyone expecting too much from me, I would disappoint them once again. Ha!
I am not a teenage rebel, I just know better. Over the years I have learnt that the only person you need to please is yourself.


From life, I have expected a lot too. I thought I will grow up pretty, I’ll get the right kind of career, I’ll find perfection.


Expectations are a burden we are accustomed to carry. Wishes and expectations weigh us down. But without them, it is unrealistically light.


Life as we know it is hard, and mostly because we make it so.


~ What would you ask for if you knew the answer were yes?


Expecto Patronum

One strong positive memory can ward off soul sucking creatures too

I have grown up with Harry Potter books, movies, merchandise and dreams. Relentlessly I compared my school to Hogwarts, my subjects to magical studies and tried to make peace with this muggle world. It has been years, more than a decade, and still the books are as charming as they were. The beauty of that magical world never ceases to fascinate me.

Even now, my friends think of Harry Potter stuff as the perfect present for me. And they are right in thinking that. It is pretty darn perfect. Especially the one spell on my mind right now, Expecto patronum.

This spell is more relevant in the muggle world than the magical one. In the books, I can see the Dementors. They are scary, spooky and right in front of us.
In the muggle world however, these soul sucking creatures wear human skin and develop relations with us. They stick around, and suck the life right out of us and we don’t even think of a counter spell.

One strong happy memory can help you through a storm.
One strong happy memory.
One happy memory.
Hold on.
Happy memory.


~ When you smile, all the worries melt away

And the stadium erupted in cheers

This phrase was meaningless to me until the Saturday that just passed. I went for a live match for the first time in my life.

Something that was on my bucket list, for quite sometime, and finally it has been checked! ✔

It is just a game, another phrase that is overused. And inside that stadium, it means absolutely nothing! The energy, the momentum. At no point of time did I feel that Tennis is a lesser known sport in India. The sheer intensity of the game was infectious!
Okay, so some back story, I am not very much of a sports person. I like watching a few games, and that’s about it. The live-match was on my bucket list solely because I wanted to feel what the fans do. And surprisingly, I don’t think I have ever enjoyed myself this much, ever before.

The beauty of any sport is in the energy it brings with it.

The beauty of life is in the liveliness it can bring if you let it.
The stadium erupted in cheers, and I can hear the ringing in my ears. I could forget everything, but I will never forget how I felt!
~ Energy doesn’t lie