Over the last few days

Festivities mark the onset of good times

The last few days have been super-celebratory and full of cheer! Diwali, Halloween, the works. People all over the world are in a great mood because the lovely colorful autumn is here.
As the saying goes, “Autumn teaches you how beautiful it can be to let things go”

Beautiful, absolutely.

Though, I have also heard that depression rates run high during the holidays as well. Not quite sure of the legitimacy of this fact. But it got me wondering, anyhow.

Over the years, I feel, generations have spiraled into an independent culture. Alone and lonely are no longer synonymous. Marriage is no longer a “when”, it has become a mere “if”. The search for deeper meanings is so frantic that nothing else is important anymore.

My mother keeps pointing out to me how unhealthy I am for wanting to be alone for so long. And that if everyone would be like me, then this world will not survive.
But that’s the whole point. In a world of 100 people, only 20 are like me. There are 80 others, who will make sure the world goes on. I don’t have to be a part of the 80, I feel good being one of the 20.

Maybe this seasonal depression would find its roots in comparison as well.
“His life is better than mine”, “they are more liked than us”… So many nagging thoughts make home inside our filthy heads.


I am on my own
But I am not lonely

I have a beautiful world
Beyond imagination

Maybe one day, I’ll invite you in
And let you look around

But not today, not yet
Because I need you to see

This world has set certain rules
And they do not match my reality

~ Remember to love yourself a little more, it definitely doesn’t make you rebellious 🙂