The glory of fiction

“I will make you an offer you can’t refuse”

Quoting the iconic words from the movie ‘Godfather’ puts the idea of a perfect situation in words. The brilliance of unprecedented odds, immense power and luck makes us forget the reality. Movies are like that, they show us a make-believe world, erasing all that is practical and possible, momentarily.

From the world of make-believe, we carry some expectations into the real world as well. We think of ourselves as the hero/villain (whichever suits best) and we imagine all the good things happening to us. And then, nothing of that sort ever happens.

Life has a cruel way of making us realize that we’re too small in front of it.
We are too meek to affect the grand plans.
But, I say
But, I know
But, I feel
We are all at least a part of the grand plan.
I might not affect it, but I am a part of it.
And in the grand plan, I shall play a vital role.


‘Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine…’- Alan Turing


Perhaps the best movie scene won’t happen to me, or maybe the perfect moment will never come in life. But, in entirety, I want to look back and smile.

Nothing is perfect, it just works, somehow.



They described perfection,
As what the society called right.
Ostracized, she described irony


~ There is no underdog or hero. Don’t wait for the perfect movie scene. Live your life.



To be or not to be

Dilemma. Drama. Doubts. An age old war of the wise thoughts and whimsical instincts.

We encounter dilemmas in all forms. Professionally, personally, everything in life has its way of walking up to us in the least expected form, and knocking on to our doors at the least expected time.
Dilemma has been a prominent part of my life. I am overly critical of myself and unnecessary doubts stem out of the criticism.
I think, therefore, I am.
I think too much, therefore, I am not…

Often, the dilemmas I land myself amidst are a product of the immense thoughts I put into matters. Thinking is a good thing, but an excess of everything is pretty bad for life, as we know it.

This little thing called life shouldn’t be taken very seriously perhaps. Maybe we could just walk through it. Like a stroll, through a garden. There are flowers, beautiful trees, thorns, and some terrible insects as well.
I don’t have to think a lot.
I don’t have to mull over everything to make it more confusing.
I don’t have to do anything that I don’t want to.

When in a dilemma, ask what a child would do.
It will be the most honest and perfect thing to do in that situation.

— Poetic musings —

As a child, they taught me to bow
As an adult, they said stand upright
I do not know what to do anymore
Amidst a dilemma, I fight

As a girl, they said speak softly
As a woman they say, let your voice be heard
I do not understand what to do
Amidst a dilemma, I have no words

As a daughter, they said, be a son
As a daughter, they said, be one properly
I do not understand what to do
Amidst a dilemma, I am no one

As an adult, they said, find some company
As a lady, they said, not right for you
I do not understand how to choose
Amidst a dilemma, I have no clue

As a human, they said, learn to help
As an individual, they said, keep yourself first
I see persons stepping on others to succeed
Amidst a dilemma, I witness humanity that is cursed

~ A single dilemma can change the world. Or not.

Peace of mind

We often equate peace with constant routines. A relaxed atmosphere. Minimum challenges. If we are in a clockwork cycle, we must be at peace.
A kid that goes to school everyday cannot have mental challenges.
An employee that keeps his head down and works cannot be the one to question the on-goings.
A family member that is quiet at gatherings is probably someone who can take all those terrible jokes without letting it affect his self-esteem.

Common is often equated with normal.
Routine is often equated with peace.

What of the battles within? What of the struggles to recognize life as it is? What of the terrible dark days that scatter themselves amidst the seemingly normal life?

There are A-graders who cry alone at night and top-bosses who think too much and worry themselves into a demotion. There are happy people who indulge in self-harm as well.

If I am an outsider to your situation, I can assume you have a happy life.

“… each person comes with a story, and a string of personal struggles…”

{—Poetic Trials—}

Every morning she woke up, with a smile that wasn’t hers
Made her bed, opened the drapes, and did the same for years

She got dressed, looked in the mirror, and smiled to it
It smiled back, looked so happy, she was a perfect fit

A walk down the street, she met people with a smile
Her pretty face, twinkling eyes, everyone loved her style

She worked well each day, talked and laughed
She was a happy person
A perfect job, a life that everyone loved
There was no burden

And then she came home, in quite a lot of pain
She had things in her head that hurt
The day had blocked the voices out
But at night, there was no way to part

She played loud music, read books of love
But the voices never stopped talking
She calmed herself down, remembered happy things
But the bad thoughts kept knocking

She went to the mirror, smiled at it
The mirror smiled back, without asking why
The pillow she slept on, was always drenched
At least, she had taught the mirror to lie


~ Nothing is as it seems

Lost in a crowd

I gasp for some honest air amidst a crowd of liars

I have been away, lost in a crowd of people. Buried quite deep, so much that I had forgotten who I was. Things happened, some I caused, some on their own. And then, everything spiraled out of control. I am still gasping for air, amidst a crowd of strangers.

One constant held on, bled on my broken pieces, but held on. Still holds on.
And I hold my constant back.
My constant pulls me out of this crowd every night and lets me sleep.

Yesterday, while returning, I came across an old man. He was screaming loudly, to all those in a hurry, “Yes, run! Run! Be fast! Be quick! Run to get no where!”

Where am i getting?
No where…

I drown as I breathe.
I learn so much to be a fool.

With each passing day, as close as I get to destiny, I am leaving myself behind.

This post had so many thoughts, none really made sense.

~ Happiness is a concept not meant for the thinkers