Lost in a crowd

I gasp for some honest air amidst a crowd of liars

I have been away, lost in a crowd of people. Buried quite deep, so much that I had forgotten who I was. Things happened, some I caused, some on their own. And then, everything spiraled out of control. I am still gasping for air, amidst a crowd of strangers.

One constant held on, bled on my broken pieces, but held on. Still holds on.
And I hold my constant back.
My constant pulls me out of this crowd every night and lets me sleep.

Yesterday, while returning, I came across an old man. He was screaming loudly, to all those in a hurry, “Yes, run! Run! Be fast! Be quick! Run to get no where!”

Where am i getting?
No where…

I drown as I breathe.
I learn so much to be a fool.

With each passing day, as close as I get to destiny, I am leaving myself behind.

This post had so many thoughts, none really made sense.

~ Happiness is a concept not meant for the thinkers


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