She is a complete package

A sentence so many young girls are hoping to hear. The burden of perfection is so huge, yet we put all of it on the ladies. So much on our plate, and the added requisition of perfection. Damn!

Young ladies, adolescents mostly, hope to lead perfect lives. Be a perfect package. God knows most of us adults hope for the same, even now.

The society matters.
Public opinion matters.
All opinion matters, except the one inside.

As an adult, I have heard ‘perfect package’ in different instances. For others, and sometimes for myself too.
And it has never been a compliment really.

It is a responsibility. More of an expectation. A perfect package is rarely a good thing.

Because, there is nowhere to go from perfect…


A perfect package
Properly gift wrapped
The bow was so neat
The package, exquisite
But a perfect gift
Is the wrapped kinds
The one that stays
On the mantelpiece
Never undone, untouched
A joy of perfection
From afar
Perfect sounds good
It sounds so tempting
But perfect is perfect
Only from afar


~ There’s no such thing as a perfect package


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