The strong one

This is not a movie review. And it isn’t a proclamation of my love for the movie either (though I do love it). It is a word challenge. A particularly difficult one, it came from an old friend, and he gave it with a smirk. I am sure he expected me to back out.
But taking up something seemingly impossible just has its rewards. Here, the reward will be poetic satisfaction. 🙂

Hence, no backing out.

Bahubali, the word itself, means the one with strong arms. Ancient drawings, sculptures and scripts define men as having arms ‘that reached their knees’

Damn, that’s long arms son! 😛

But, it was the way it was. Physical work was much more than what we have now and people were stronger, larger and much more heavily built. Evolution, I guess. (not an expert)

Bahubali is one such revered figure in history. And with imagination, extreme hard work and the right amount of dedication, it has now become a movie that’s making history.

— Poetic Trials —
Bahubali, the strong one
An idea of strength
Of valour and honesty
Dedication and righteousness

Bahubali, the strong one
Is not on-screen
Nor in writings
nor is there in sculptures

Bahubali, the strong one
Is inside you, me
everyone who ever dares
At least once in life

Bahubali, the strong one
comes to life, with eyes lit
when disaster strikes
and you choose to face it.


~ Challenge complete