The never-ending cycle

You end up in the place where you escaped from

It has been long since I posted something online. Some things just never make it out of my phone drafts, some others are lost in notebooks or word documents– lack of staying put in one place over the last month.

Anyway, I went around the country searching for a pain reliever for my bad leg, and came back to where I started from, Delhi, my doctor of 10 years, and a search for work to keep everything else at bay.
I ended up where I started.
‘Ha-ha’, I can hear the cosmos laugh.

I prefer taking the train to visit places within Delhi-NCR- gives me time to read. Yes, I am a compulsive reader- guilty as charged. At times, when I am not reading, I see how people rush to work in the morning, rush home in the evening. It’s amusing– you all are going to end up where you are escaping from.

I have visited this topic of hurry before as well, it is just intriguing to see so many people, with such little patience and so less time.
If only we could all focus on being humans, and not machines.

— Poetic Musings —

Happiness knocked on my door
I was in a hurry, no mood to entertain
So I left for work from the back door

A neighbor stopped me to chit-chat
I was in a hurry, no mood for talks
So I pretended to be on the phone

My wife called me to discuss some matter
I was in my office, whiling my time away
So I hung up, with a message, ‘I am busy’

My child said, ‘play with me, please’
But I was working on a presentation
So I called his mother, it was her job

Every step of the way, I escaped nicely
And my last time is here now, I need family
They find time to be here, unlike I did

Death stands here, in front of me
I am not in a hurry, first time ever
But he respects time more than I did


~ I escaped only to reach where I was destined to be


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