Kya aesi baat hai iss duniya me
Jo insaniyat he lutt gayi hai harr kisi ki

I am tired. No, I am exhausted at how insensitive and mean we have become. We are made of stardust and magic, and yet, look at where we are now.

I sit in a room full of people to feel most uncomfortable about the vibe that flows through it. The conversations are full of lies, the glares are competitive and there is barely a soul in sight that is accepting and generous.

What is inside us, or in this world, that has eaten us up? We’re hollow beings walking around, making a lot of noise to gain attention. We are nothing but a bunch of jerks making life harder than it already is.

It is scary, this world that we live in. The monsters don’t wear their masks anymore.

–Lost Humanity–

We worship a plethora of Gods
But we have lost the God inside
Meaningless existence becomes our life
We’re hollow shells yet full of pride

They tell me, find someone, settle down
How do I find humanity in this mess?
Humans are torn apart every day
And yet they tell me, don’t stress

It is a scary world around me
Full of light, yet monsters lurk around
So I choose silence, and dreams
And I don’t make a single sound

~ What have we become?


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