Let’s not wait

We wait to create something big, and we create nothing at all

We wait, to live big, and we don’t live at all
The pressure towards creating something perfect and becoming someone big is immense. We’re constantly on a lookout to find that one big thing, we forget a series of small things happening that might add up to a lot more. We want to be known, once and for all, but before that, the shadows are a comfort.

I often wonder why our generation doesn’t make friends easily, doesn’t trust easily. Why we, as a people, don’t want to share what’s on our mind. Perhaps, because we are so engrossed in thinking about all that might go wrong, we forget to forge bonds, relations.

What if my relationship reveals my weaknesses? What if my friendship affects my success…

We’re a generation of selfies and self-loathing. So much hatred for ourselves, we’d rather plunge ourselves into dark rooms and empty corners rather than accept inability or failure.

— Poetry —

He knew he will do something great, one day
And so, he did not want to do anything else, today
Loneliness pushed him out of this reverie.


~ We are self-destructive bombs walking around


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