Has it ever been…?

So many things leave us wondering

Has it ever been that you sat on a pavement, helpless, and cried?
Has it ever been that you dug your head into a pillow so that the world won’t hear you scream?
Has it ever been that one bad thing reminded you of a lifetime of bad stuff and you just broke down?
Things get bad, then they get worse. Has it ever been that when things got bad, it really seemed they will never get better?


I hope, that when such a time comes, we find someone to talk to. Whenever the darkness seems unbearable, I hope we find a ray of light.
Today I pray for everyone, including myself, to find peace and love and hope in this world full of madness and inhumanity.

Chester will stay alive in our hearts and so will the many thousands and millions of people who battle depression and inexplicable sadness.
“… I cannot find a hobby and cure depression. I need to find a way to live, despite…”


— Poetic Musings —

Depression is a cheater of all sorts
It attacks me on my face, and behind my back
I try to smile, I keep busy too
But depression hits me where I lack



~ Talk. If you feel bad, talk. About anything. Nothing. Speak, because we don’t want to lose you.


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