Happy Independence Day

Saffron, white and green. What a tacky choice of colors.

As is the rule of social gatherings on special occasions– meet, greet and leave. I attended a color-coded get-together of acquaintances. The agenda? Independence Day.

I received the invite to this event last week, stating we must be our ethnic best in the shades of the tri-color. Though it wasn’t necessary to have all three, only one color would also suffice.

As the enthusiastic person that I am, always ready to dress up, I chose to wear all white. A sprinkle of saffron and green with the dupatta. And careful accessorizing with the bangles. Perfect. I felt confident, and left home to reach the venue.

Lo and behold! People pointed and looked amused. My pride was slowly fizzling out, with each stare and whisper. Are we, as a nation, so ashamed of our flag? So ashamed to show that we love our country?

Well, with the behavior that I witnessed, I felt ashamed. I removed my bangles, stuffed the dupatta in my purse and wiped the smile off my face.
I belong to a nation of ashamed cowards.
I belong to a nation full of bullies.
And, I am ashamed of it.


– – Poetry – –

गोरे तो दुश्मन थे, राज करके चले गए
इन भूरे देशवासियों को तो देखो ज़रा
गोरों ने तो गैरों जैसे सामने से वार किया
इन भूरों ने तो देश ही खोखला करा

आज देश को कोई नहीं देखता , एक जुट नहीं हैं हम
एकता तो हर कवी के कागज़ पे ही मिलती है
तिरंगे में लिपट के फौजी आ तो जाता है
पर ज़िन्दगी उसकी आज भी मज़हब के शिकंजे में है


~ ना मिलाना भगवा और हरा रंग, कहीं खून ना बह जाए फिर से…


A twist of fate

Life has a strange way of mocking us

The last month was a turbulent one. I barely kept a track of time or weeks as they passed and never gave it a thought either. Travelling, working, running around in a spiral. Ending up where I started.

Fate is the best suspense of our lives. It changes, and changes again before we know how to react or what to do. Fate can be a pain in our ass. It can also land us in situations which feel heavenly. And it fills us with disbelief. Like, what the bloody hell is happening!

I have felt that on many occasions in life. Mostly good, sometimes bad. All about perspective, I have felt. So I tried to have a good perspective about how fate has been treating me. Surprising me. Creating a comedy out of life, the tragedy, as I know it.


Quoting my favorite book, ‘Oh, Toto! I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!’


–Poetic Musings—


The tornado flew me high up in the sky
Round and round and round it went
I landed in a place unknown, far away
Something for which I wasn’t meant

New place, new people, felt so strange
I wasn’t home anymore
I dusted myself off, took a deep breath
And began to face what I hadn’t faced before

Destiny has strange ways of shaping your life
It will never remain constant, be very clear
Draw a smile on your face, and learn to walk
There is nothing that you need to fear



~ Fate made me a person I don’t recognize