With every fall, we get up stronger

I think i remember reading somewhere that our strength is not by how long we stood, but by how many times we got up after falling. It is true- an angry sea tests the sailor, anyone can be a pirate in the calm waters.

We’re never defined by the mistakes we make, instead we’re defined by how we choose to correct them.

I will not let my fall define me, i will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

– Poetry –

With all the strength i gathered

Piece by piece, bit by bit

I used all of it to get up again

I ran when the world told me to sit

I knew my destiny was right there

And my mistakes don’t define me

One day, i’ll be strong and ready

Till then, lemme show you what i see

A place, a heaven, my home

I see it right there, a little ahead

I’ll get up each time i stumble

For this is a worthy path that i tread

~ Hiccups define growth and stumbles build a steady foot



Bear your burdens with pride, and your failures like armour

An end makes us feel devastated. It makes us question everything that was, and wonder if any of it was worth it. Introspection, as helpful as it can be, sometimes only digs a grave of all will to live.

But there is one thing very important- it is in solitude that you discover how strong you can be if you have no choice.

Embrace the gift of loneliness, something great will come out of it.

– Poetry –

My thoughts seared through me

Like bloody daggers, glistening

I ran around, looking for help

Hoping to find someone who was listening

Thoughts can be cruel, they cage you

And at times, eat you up alive

Knowing how to fight them is good

Actually fighting is how you survive

The dagger went deep at your touch

I looked at you, shocked

I realized, I was my only hope

To make this pain stop

~ Choose to stay alone, choose to grow strong.


Every time you lose a fight, you win experience to fight better next time.

Life can be a challenging series of battles. One after the next, it can be a rollercoaster, not the fun kinds! Just when you feel one part of your life is sorted, another one can spectacularly fall apart.

And this happens often to some people, and not so much to others.

It is kismet, good or bad, whatever you call it.

But i have always felt, suffering is a blessings. Times test you and you emerge as a stronger, better person.


Warriors don’t set aside their armour after a fight

They sharpen their swords for the next one

They don’t survive, they thrive in adversity

And they smile, even if they lose what could be won

~ Fight for yourself, it is only one life.

The Obsession

Perfection is the way to be

Imperfect eyes. Imperfect skin. Imperfect speech. Imperfect thoughts.

There is a lot to fix.

*Tch tch*

She will never be perfect.

And that started this obsession of perfection. The world judged me and I took their judgment as a benchmark of achievement and perfection.

Did I achieve anything? Restlessness, low self-worth and a lifetime full of worrying over “perfection.”

Over the years, I worked hard on reaching the perfect state. Then I realized, it was always the horizon I was chasing. An illusion. A beautiful illusion.

The day I stopped chasing the illusion of perfection, I found the people who started seeing it in me.

– Poetry –

Perfect. Flawless. Complete.
Such obsession with untouched.
Have you ever considered the idea that,
Maybe your mind makes everything corrupt?

~ Perfection is perspective.


Once bitten, twice shy

I remember the first time I tried to ride a bicycle. All that i could think was gravity exists, and that thing staying up just did not make sense! And these fears came true when I fell down, hit the handle on my cheekbone. Really hard. It was bruised for days.

Getting on that bicycle the second time was really difficult. It took weeks for me to convince myself that I should try again, that maybe it will be different, fun this time.

Thankfully, it was.

If only life’s experiences were this rewarding too, after the first horrible time. But that’s not so. We fall, fall again, get scratched and wounded throughout only to find happiness when we no longer believe it might exist.

And then, we jinx it. We know it has to go wrong, and we’re scared all the time. At times, we even make it go wrong.

Life has a funny way of teaching, it drags you through mud, then makes you stand up, and asks you to shine.

– Poetry –

Don’t ask me why I am like this

Don’t try to read me like a book

Don’t make promises ever again

It is harder than it looks

Scars turn red fairly quickly

At the faintest memory of the wound

As tough as those souls are

Sadness always has them doomed

The land of heartbreaks is adrift with promises

This one last promise I ask of you

No matter what life throws your way

Please don’t promise me anything new

~ It is not one moment, it is a lifetime of many moments


You choose a free woman only to tame her

It takes years of grit and determination for a woman to start living fully in this man’s world. She learns how to ignore comments, oversee evident gestures that might disgust and chooses to be herself, despite. And all this is done to not impress a man, it is done so that she can break free of all that has tied her down so far.

And then, once she is free, you applaud. You appreciate. You pretend you were never a thorn in her way toward that glory and be the newly formed audience that ‘always’ cheered her. It is a funny world… especially for a woman.

– Poetic Thoughts –

He was amazed at how she thought

And how free her life was

He was awestruck by her radiance

That never really took a pause

He said, I adore you for who you are

But somethings aren’t okay

He censored her. And managed

It wasn’t new, so she let it stay

~ Change is so subtle, we never notice it till years pass by

Forever After

Duaein humne khoob ikathi kar li thi
Bas ek jigar jutaana reh gaya tha

Wishes are the easier things to give and get. It takes virtually nothing to wish someone well, and we depend all our hopes on it. Sometimes, even our life.

But, it is never about the wishes. Wishes don’t save your world. They don’t make your world better. You do. Your effort does. And your hardwork does.

I listen to a lot of conversations around me, and the amount of hope we put in our wishes surprises me. Effort got you walking, efforts will help you run too. Not wishes. Never the wishes.

– Poetic Love –

Wishes and blessings may give you hope

But a courageous heart gets you ahead

All good vibes only get you started

Your efforts will last you till the end

She had the wishes, and she found the courage

It was her happiness that was at stake

A little nudge, the mirror told her to take the plunge

After all, it was her life, a make or break

An evening with a list, a tug of words

It was judgment day

She knew she had the courage

And she had finally found the way

~ One never began a beautiful forever


My shoes will bite your feet

There is a saying, “walk in someone else’s shoes … something something”

Used quite often, but how often do we actually implement it? An old friend of mine said, “I always follow this whenever I am evaluating a situation, because there are two faces to each coin.”

But, at times, our perspective affects how we see those sides, and whether we walk in those shoes, or slip them on, or simply look at them and base a judgment on that.

“… Walk in the shoes of the man that limps and you will see why they say that the path of life is covered in thorns…”

– Poetry –

He looked at my shoes and turned to me

Wondering how I was walking in those

I smiled and said, it is quite alright

At least I walk the path that I chose

He frowned, wondering, why had I chosen it

Why were my shoes the way they were

I said, it is because who I am as a person

I care, and no other alternative ever occurred.

He tried to step into my shoes, he cut his foot

Wincing, he said, what are you?!

Taking my shoes back, I said quietly

“I am the resilience that pulls you through”

~ Be curious, not questioning


She did not have kismet written in her name, so she picked up a knife and carved it into her destiny.

A woman is as strong as she wants to be. She can walk through hell and still be an angel and she can be the devil walking amidst humans.

I knew a lady once, who smiled at hell and played with fire. She could conjure up heavens with a smile, but she chose not to. Things she had seen were unseen, unfelt and she chose to keep it that way. That lady was my teacher, a figure Iearnt a lot from.

She taught me how to keep the softness intact and alive. She taught me how to shield myself from the world. And she taught me that most of all, it isn’t about finding another person to spend your life with, it is about finding yourself and living with that. Everything else simply falls into place.

On my road to find myself, my path crossed many other paths. I received a lot of help, a lot of support, and a lot of friction too. The paths shared, I am thankful for. The paths crossed, I am thankful for. The paths parted, I am thankful for.

She taught me that when life throws you into a furnace, fight the flames and walk out like the pure gold that you truly are.

– Poetic Musings –

Life broke my knees, cut off my legs

I could no longer walk to my destiny

And then, my shoulders sprouted wings.

~ “This one is a warrior,” said Life


What is a weakness, can be a strength. It is only a matter of perspective.

There are so many things around us that make us want to react. People, situations, actions, or our idea of any one of them. A reaction makes us feel alright temporarily, maybe pent up anger and fear finds a release too. But eventually, we regret every reaction we’ve given for the sake of releasing an emotion. Stay silent. One day, this weakness will become your strength.

– Poetry –

I was heartless, cruel, so horrible

I never reacted when it was expected

It was said I was an emotionless rock

But I remembered, this had to be perfected

A wise man once taught me, let it go

And he meant this for more than just hope

He taught me to let go of everything that held me down

Emotions, reactions, and everything that was for a show

So, I chose to practice silence diligently

And remember it and live by the teachings

The world may think of me as a heartless cold stone

But when time comes, I can fight better than the ones who are breathing

~ Silence helps you think